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Paper Title: Novel Approach to Current-Mode Control in DCM/CCM Boundary Boost PFC 
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Affiliation Type: Industry 
Keywords: PFC Power factor correctoin 
Abstract: Traditionally, DCM/CCM Boundary Boost PFC Converters with current-mode control require line voltage sensing (via a resistor divider) to define the sinusoidal shape of the reference for the inner current loop and a multiplier to adjust the amplitude of this reference to regulate the output voltage. In contrast, using voltage-mode control neither line voltage sensing nor a multiplier is needed. Lower external part count, lower cost of control and lower power consumption (particularly useful when considering no-load conditions) are the resulting benefits. This paper presents a novel approach to current-mode control that changes this paradigm. With the proposed technique the sinusoidal reference of the inner current loop is reconstructed with no sensing of the line voltage and in a way that does not require a multiplier to adjust its amplitude. In this way Power Supply Designers can enjoy both the superior performance of current-mode control and the savings offered by voltage-mode control. 
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Track Name: AC-DC Converters 
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Session Name: Control of AC-DC Converters (Lecture)