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Paper Title: A High Accuracy and High Bandwidth Current Sense Circuit for Digitally Controlled DC-DC Buck Converters 
Student Contest: No 
Affiliation Type: Industry & Academic collaboration 
Keywords: Current Sense Circuit, Digital Control, Sigma Delta ADC, Extended Kalman Filter 
Abstract: The circuit uses lossless inductor DCR current sensing and a sigma delta modulator ADC to sense the average current in the inductor to high accuracy. These accurate but low bandwidth measurements are unsuitable for use in feedback control loops as their acquisition delay would limit the achievable loop bandwidth. To solve this issue an Extended Kalman Filter estimates the inductor current at the switching frequency of the converter. The circuit achieves 0.18A current accuracy with a group delay of only 1.4uS when used with a DCR of only 165uOhms. 
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Track Name: Control 
Final Decision: Accept as Lecture 
Session Name: Gate Drive Techniques (Lecture)