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Lecture Sessions
Tuesday March 06, 2018 (08:30-11:55)

Latest Advancements in Device and Package Technology for High Power, High Frequency Switching Device  Chair: Tim McDonald - Infineon Technologies; Ranbir Singh - GeneSiC Semiconductor;

High Frequency Magnetics - Winding Design  Chair: Ed Herbert - PSMA; Stephen Carlsen - Raytheon;

Capacitors for Emerging Power Conversion Applications  Chair: Ralph Kerrigan - NWL; Fred Weber - FTW;

Comparisons and Tradeoffs of Integrated Gate Driver Isolation Technologies  Chair: Kevin Parmenter - Excelsys Technologies; Jim Spangler - Independent;

Energy Harvesting  Chair: Michael Hayes - Tyndall National Institute; Brian Zahnstecher - PowerRox;

Wednesday March 07, 2018 (08:30-10:10)

Wide Bandgap Device Topics  Chair: Peter Di Maso - GaN Systems; Laszlo Balogh - ON Semiconductor;

Power Solutions for Challenging Real-World Applications  Chair: Pietro Scalia - Texas Instruments;

Vehicle Electrification  Chair: Dennis Stephens - Continental Automotive;

Isolation Topics in Power Supplies  Chair: Kevin Parmenter - Excelsys Technologies; Jim Spangler - Independent;

Modeling & Simulation  Chair: Wisam Moussa - Infineon Technologies;

Wednesday March 07, 2018 (14:00-17:25)

Enabling High-Volume Wide Bandgap Semiconductor Manufacturing and Applications  Chair: Jim LeMunyon - PowerAmerica;

Vehicle Batteries - It's More Than Just Stacking Cells Together and an EV1 Retrospective  Chair: Ralph Taylor - Delphi; Fred Weber - FTW;

Alternative Energy  Chair: Jason Katcha - Present Power Systems;

Innovative Component, Reliability and Manufacturing 3D Power Packaging Solutions  Chair: Brian Narveson - Narveson Innovative Consulting; Ernie Parker - Crane Aerospace;

Motor Drives, Inverters and Modules  Chair: David Levett - Infineon;

Thursday March 08, 2018 (08:30-11:30)

Reliability and Ruggedness - How to Address These Challenges in Wide Bandgap Semiconductor Devices  Chair: Tim McDonald - Infineon Technologies; Jaume Roig - ON Semiconductor;

Powering Servers and Datacenters  Chair: Harry Soin - Artesyn Embedded Technologies; Rick Fishbune - IBM;

Topologies and Control  Chair: Bill Peterson - E and M Power; Laszlo Balogh - ON Semiconductor;

Powering Mobile and Consumer Products  Chair: Thomas Hopkins - ST Microlectronics;

PMBus Implementation and Applications  Chair: Ramesh Balasubramaniam - Infineon Technologies; Travis Summerlin - Texas Instruments;

Thursday March 08, 2018 (14:00-15:40)

Test & Measurement  Chair: Tom Neville - Tektronix;

Passive Components  Chair: George Slama - Wurth Electronics;

Market Analysis and Semiconductor Fabrication Business  Chair: Pierric Gueguen - Yole Developpement; Indumini Ranmuthu - Texas Instruments;