AC-DC Converters Session
Session Type: Poster
Session Code: D01
Location: Poster Area
Date & Time: Thursday March 21, 2019 (11:15 - 13:45)
Chair: Suzan Eren,
Srdjan Lukic


1040 1 A Boost-Full-Bridge-Type Single-Active-Bridge Isolated AC-DC Converter
Yitong Li, Adrià Junyent-Ferré, Paul Judge
1136 1 6.6kW Three-Phase Interleaved Totem Pole PFC Design with 98.9% Peak Efficiency for HEV/EV Onboard Charger
Xun Gong, Gangyao Wang, Manish Bhardwaj
1143 1 A Single-Phase Single-Stage Three-Level AC/DC Resonant Converter Operating with a Wide Output Voltage Range
Eunsoo Kim, Takongmo Marius, Minji Kim, Jaesung Oh, Gangwoo Lee, Ingab Hwang
1241 1 Analysis and Design of an Interleaved Single-Stage ZVS AC-DC Boost Converter
Adel Ali Abosnina, Gerry Moschopoulos
1243 1 An AC-DC Interleaved ZCS-PWM Boost Converter with Improved Light-Load Efficiency
Ramtin Rasoulinezhad, Adel Ali Abosnina, Gerry Moschopoulos
1259 1 Power Adapter with Line Voltage Control for USB Power Delivery
Yang Chen, Yan-Fei Liu
1283 1 Single Power-Conversion AC-DC Converter Using Active-Clamp Circuit with Noncomplementary Modulation Strategy
Seo-Gwang Jeong, Kwang-Seop Kim, Jun-Seok Kim, Owon Kwon, Hwasoo Seok, Minsung Kim, Bong-Hwan Kwon
1330 1 An Improved Power-Decoupling Scheme with Grid Inductor Phase-Shift Modification for Single-Phase Converter
Xiaoqing Wang, Lei Jing, Bodong Li, Ning Chen, Maohang Qiu, Min Chen
1465 1 A Novel Multiplexed Power Architecture for Improving Cross Regulation and Efficiency
Adrian Lefedjiev Lefedjiev
1472 1 99% Efficiency 3-Level Bridgeless Totem-Pole PFC Implementation with Low-Voltage Silicon at Low Cost
Trong Tue Vu, Edgaras Mickus
1570 1 Multiphase X-Type Current Source Rectifier with Reduced Active Switch Count
Louelson Costa, Montie Vitorino, Mauricio Corrêa, Dushan Boroyevich
1725 1 Control Scheme Design for Isolated Swiss-Rectifier Based on Phase-Shifted Full-Bridge Topology
Binfeng Zhang, Shaojun Xie, Xincheng Wang, Qiang Qian, Zhao Zhang, Jinming Xu
1589 1 Variable on-Time (VOT) Control with Phase Leading Input Current (PLIC) Compensation for 400Hz CRM Boost PFC Converters
Yuting Zhou, Xiaoyong Ren, Zhehui Guo, Yu Wu, Zhiliang Zhang, Qianhong Chen