Interactive Session - Neuromorphic Circuits and Systems Session
Session Type: Poster
Session Code: C3P-E
Location: Poster Area 4
Date & Time: Wednesday October 19, 2016 (12:15 - 14:30)
Chair: Xiao Liu,
Jun Ohta



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9035 2 Toward a Spintronic Deep Learning Spiking Neural Processor
Abhronil Sengupta, Bing Han, Kaushik Roy
9062 2 Robustness Analysis of DNA-Based Biomolecular Feedback Controllers to Parametric and Time Delay Uncertainties
Rucha Sawlekar, Mathias Foo, Declan Bates
9085 2 Scaling Mixed-Signal Neuromorphic Processors to 28 nm FD-SOI Technologies
Ning Qiao, Giacomo Indiveri
9119 2 Bat-Inspired Hair Sensor
Alexander Castro, Hyungdae Bae, Miao Yu, Pamela Abshire
9143 2 An SRAM-Based Implementation of a Convolutional Neural Network
Runchun Wang, Gregory Cohen, Chetan Singh Thakur, Jonathan Tapson, ...
9167 2 Electronic Cochlea: CAR-FAC Model on FPGA
Ying Xu, Chetan Singh Thakur, Ram Kuber Singh, Runchun Wang, Jonath...
9214 2 High Density ┬ÁLED Array for Retinal Prothesis with a Eye-Tracking System
Ahmed Soltan, Giovanni Passetti, Pleun Maaskant, Patrick Degenaar
9216 2 Modelling of Nanowire FETs Based Neural Network for Tactile Pattern Recognition in E-Skin
William Navaraj Taube, Fengyuan Liu, Anastasious Vilouras, Dhayalan...
9232 2 Biphasic Micro-LED Driver for Optogenetics
Fahimeh Dehkhoda, Ahmed Soltan, Reza Ramezani, Patrick Degenaar
9234 2 Forward Table-Based Presynaptic Event-Triggered Spike-Timing-Dependent Plasticity
Bruno Umbria Pedroni, Sadique Sheik, Siddharth Joshi, Georgios Deto...
9243 2 Data Assimilation of Membrane Dynamics and Channel Kinetics with a Neuromorphic Integrated Circuit
Jun Wang, Daniel Breen, Abraham Akinin, Henry Abarbanel, Gert Cauwe...
9267 2 A CMOS Circuit Implementation of Retrograde Signaling in Astrocyte-Neuron Networks
Rebecca K. Lee, Alice C. Parker