Live Demonstration Session
Session Type: Poster
Session Code: A2P-E
Location: Poster Area 4
Date & Time: Monday October 17, 2016 (12:00 - 14:15)
Chair: Philipp Häfliger,
Kea-Tiong Tang



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9172 15 Live Demo: Frontend Circuitry Design in EEG Reading for Epileptic Seizure Detection Headband
Yu-Jui Chen, Yu-Shan Lin, Herming Chiueh
9173 15 Live Demonstration: a Wireless Multi-Channel Physiological Signal Acquisition System-on-Chip for Wearable Devices
Yu-Shan Lin, Sheng-Chen Lee, Yu-Jui Chen, Chia-Ming Huang, Herming ...
9288 15 Live Demonstration: Portable Impedance-Based Biosensor System for Metabolomic Sensing
Scott MacKay, Ryan Corpuz, Calvin Chong, Jie Chen, David Wishart
9289 15 Live Demonstration: a Support Vector Machine Based Hardware Platform for Blood Pressure Prediction
Bo Liang, Kefeng Duan, Qingsong Xie, Mohamed Atef, Zhiliang Qian, G...
9290 15 Live Demonstration: Current-Mode Analog-to-Time Converter for a Large Scale CMOS Biosensor Array
Kei Ikeda, Atsuki Kobayashi, Kazuo Nakazato, Kiichi Niitsu
9291 15 Live Demonstration: Noise-Immune Current-Integration-Based CMOS Amperometric Sensor Platform with 1.2 µm × 2.05µm Electroless-Plated Microelectrode Array for Robust Bacteria Counting
Kohei Gamo, Kazuo Nakazato, Kiichi Niitsu
9292 15 Live Demonstration: Evaluation of Consumer's Preference Using Augmented Reality and EEG
Gang Li, Yong Lian, Guoxing Wang
9294 15 Live Demo: a Real-Time Portable Sign Language Translation System
Lih-Jen Kau, Bo-Xun Zhuo
9295 15 Live Demonstration: Real-Time Orientation Estimation and Grasping of Household Objects for Upper Limb Prostheses with a Dynamic Vision Sensor
Siyi Tang, Rohan Ghosh, Nitish Thakor, Sunil Kukreja