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Paper Title: A 385µm × 385µm 0.165 V 0.27 nW Fully-Integrated Supply-Modulated OOK CMOS TX in 65nm CMOS for Glasses-Free, Self-Powered, and Fuel-Cell-Embedded Continuous Glucose Monitoring Contact Lens 
Student Contest: Yes 
Affiliation Type: Academia 
Keywords: CGM, CMOS, transmitter, self-powered 
Abstract: This work presents world’s lowest power consumption sub-mm^2 supply-modulated CMOS OOK transmitter for enabling self-powered continuous glucose monitoring contact lens. By introducing self-oscillating voltage doubler and charge pump, compact, low-voltage, low-power supply-modulated OOK transmitter become available. By prototyping in 65nm standard CMOS technology, 0.165 V, 0.27 nW performance and self-powered operation using 2 mm × 2 mm solid-state glucose fuel cell were sucessfully demonstrated. 
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Track Name: Biotelemetry and Energy Harvesting/Scavenging Circuits and Systems 
Final Decision: Accept as Poster 
Session Name: Biotelemetry & Energy Harvesting Circuits & Systems (Poster)