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Paper Title: A Highly Stable OEO Using a Multi-Purpose Optical-Delay Stabilization System 
Student Contest: No 
Affiliation Type: Academia 
Keywords: delay, stabilization, long-term stability, frequency drift, CWDM, oscillator, compensation, temperature 
Abstract: This paper presents the implementation of an active fiber optical-delay stabilization system in an opto-electronic oscillator. The primary use of the system is to stabilize optical point-to-point fiber links for synchronization purposes; however, the system can also be efficiently used as a stable optical delay line in an opto-electronic oscillator. By using a multi-purpose optical delay stabilization system with an opto-electronic oscillator, a frequency drift of 0.02 ppm/K was achieved. 
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Track Name: Oscillators, Synthesizers, Noise, & Circuit Techniques 
Final Decision: Accept as Lecture 
Session Name: Microwave Photonics I (Lecture)