Analog Circuits 2 Session
Session Type: Poster
Session Code: A2P-G
Location: Poster Area 2
Date & Time: Monday December 12, 2016 (14:00 - 15:00)
Chair: Chadi Jabbour



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3132 2 Enhanced Voltage Buffer Compensation Technique for Two-Stage CMOS Operational Amplifiers
Riccardo Zurla, Alessandro Cabrini, Marco Pasotti, Guido Torelli
3135 2 Re-Usable 180nm CMOS Dosimeter Based on a Floating Gate Device
Umberto Gatti, Cristiano Calligaro, Evgeny Pikhay, Yakov Roizin
3197 2 A 27 mV Output Ripple 92% Efficiency Buck Converter Using a Multi-Bit Delta-Sigma Modulator Controller and Segmented Output Switch in 180 nm CMOS
Saeed Mehrjoo, Mohammad Taherzadeh-Sani, Frederic Nabki
3235 2 A Hierarchical Design Automation Concept for Analog Circuits
Gonenc Berkol, Engin Afacan, Gunhan Dündar, Fransisco Fernandez
3241 2 Noise Analysis of Current Mode Differential Integrators
Hikmet Çeliker, Günhan Dündar
3298 2 Twin-Row-Style for MOS Analog Layout
Bo Liu, Shigetoshi Nakatake, Bo Yang, Gong Chen