Emerging Secure Technologies Session
Session Type: Poster
Session Code: B2P-G
Location: Poster Area 2
Date & Time: Tuesday December 13, 2016 (14:00 - 15:00)
Chair: Amara Amara



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3004 14 Strain Reliability and Substrate Specific Features of Passive UHF RFID Textile Tag Antennas
Johanna Virkki, Toni Björninen, Mitra Akbari, Leena Ukkonen
3186 14 Evaluation of Emerging TSV-Enabled Main Memories on the Parsec Benchmark
Rodrigo Cataldo, Guilherme Korol, Ramon Fernandes, Gustavo Sanchez,...
3283 14 Secure Scan Chain Using Test Port for Tester Authentication
Yahia Ouahab, Donatus Silva Richard, Rashid Rashidzadeh