RF Circuits & Techniques Session
Session Type: Lecture
Session Code: B1L-C
Location: Room 3
Date & Time: Tuesday December 13, 2016 (10:30 - 12:10)
Chair: Federico Alimenti,
Nathalie Deltimple


    Papers are listed in the order they will be presented.

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3184 5 A New Compact Wireless Power Transfer System Using C-Shaped Printed Resonators
Ramy Sharaf, Sherif Hekal, Anwer Abd El-Hameed, Adel B. Abdel-Rahma...
3087 5 Design of Optimized High Q Inductors on SOI Substrates for RF ICs
Anne-Sophie Royet, Jean-Philippe Michel, Bruno Reig, Jean-Louis Por...
3130 5 A Low Power Control System for Real-Time Tuning of a Hybrid Transformer-Based Receiver
Gerardo Castellano, Davide De Caro, Antonio Strollo, Danilo Manstre...
3285 5 K-Band SiGe Dual-Input LNA and Detector for SoC Radiometers for Remote Sensing of Atmosphere
Luca Aluigi, Domenico Pepe, Domenico Zito