SS8. Electronic Interfaces of Heterogeneous Miniatures Systems for Smart Autonomous Sensors Session
Session Type: Lecture
Session Code: C3L-C
Location: Room 3
Date & Time: Wednesday December 14, 2016 (15:30 - 17:10)
Chair: Dimitri Galayko


    Papers are listed in the order they will be presented.

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3307 15 Towards Autonomous Microscale Systems: Progress in Electrostatic Kinetic Energy Harvesting
Elena Blokhina, Dimitri Galayko
3037 7 RF Energy Harvesting Chip Powered Sensor Node
Younus Syed, Bharat G. Hegde, T. V. Prabhakar, Manjunath M, K J Vin...
3074 15 Design of Self-Sustained CMOS Amplifiers for All-CMOS MEMS Based Oscillators
Arantxa Uranga, Guillermo Sobreviela, Marti Riverola, Francesc Torr...
3099 15 Monolithic Integration of Mutually Injection-Locked CMOS-MEMS Oscillators for Differential Resonant Sensing Applications
Pierre Prache, Pietro Maris Ferreira, Nuria Barniol, Jerome Juillar...
3305 15 Remote RF Powering of Ambient Sensors
John Nicot, Thierry Taris