TCAS Special: Circuits and Systems for Multimedia Session
Session Type: Lecture
Session Code: C3L-B
Location: Salon Drummond centre
Date & Time: Wednesday May 25, 2016 (14:30 - 16:00)
Chair: None


    Papers are listed in the order they will be presented.

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2675 14 A Frame-Parallel 2 Gpixel/S Video Decoder Chip for UHDTV and 3-DTV/FTV Applications
Jinjia Zhou, Dajiang Zhou, Jiayi Zhu, Satoshi Goto
2648 14 VLSI Implementation of HEVC Motion Compensation with Distance Biased Direct Cache Mapping for 8K UHDTV Applications
Shihao Wang, Dajiang Zhou, Jianbin Zhou, Takeshi Yoshimura, Satoshi...
2613 14 Codebook Calibration Method for Vector Quantizers Implemented at the Focal Plane of CMOS Imagers
Roberto Filho, José Gomes, Antonio Petraglia
2634 14 Memristive Threshold Logic Circuit Design of Fast Moving Object Detection
Akshay Maan, Dinesh Kumar, Sherin Sugathan