Power-Grid Analysis Session
Session Type: Lecture
Session Code: C1L-M
Location: Salon 1
Date & Time: Wednesday May 25, 2016 (10:30 - 12:00)
Chair: Juri Jatskevich,
Yu Christine Chen


    Papers are listed in the order they will be presented.

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1120 9.8 Steady-State Analysis for Hybrid AC/DC Microgrids
Amr A. Hamad, Ehab F. El Saadany
1850 9.8 Consensus-Based Distributed Droop Control of VSGs for Isolated AC Micro-Grids by ADMMs
Li-Yu Lu, Chia-Chi Chu
1891 9.8 An Analytical Fault Model for Direct Current Lines
Christian Strobl, Maximilian Schäfer, Rudolf Rabenstein
2071 9.8 Mapping Nodal Power Injections to Branch Flows in Connected LTI Electrical Networks
Yu Christine Chen, Abdullah Al-Digs, Sairaj Dhople
2270 9.3 Parametric Average-Value Modeling of Diode Rectifier Circuits in Nodal Analysis EMTP-Type Solution
Hamid Atighechi, Seyyedmilad Ebrahimi, Sina Chiniforoosh, Juri Jats...