Power Converters I Session
Session Type: Lecture
Session Code: A2L-M
Location: Salon 1
Date & Time: Monday May 23, 2016 (13:00 - 14:30)
Chair: Marian Kazimierczuk,
Abdelali El Aroudi


    Papers are listed in the order they will be presented.

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2149 9.3 Small-Signal Analysis of Closed-Loop PWM Boost Converter in CCM with Complex Impedance Load
Dalvir Saini, Agasthya Ayachit, Marian Kazimierczuk, Hiroo Sekiya
1649 9.3 Design of Class-E Power Amplifier with Nonlinear Components by Using Extended Impedance Method
Junrui Liang
1994 9.3 Prediction of Subharmonic Oscillation in Switching Regulators with Integrative Feedback Loops
Abdelali El Aroudi
2231 9.4 A 93.7% Peak Efficiency DC-DC Buck Converter with All-Pass Network Based Passive Level Shifter in 55 nm CMOS
Xiucheng Hao, Fan Yang, Mingxiao He, Yongan Zheng, Ying Guo, Huaili...