PECAS I Session
Session Type: Poster
Session Code: A3P-U
Location: Salle de bal est
Date & Time: Monday May 23, 2016 (14:30 - 16:00)
Chair: Shyh-Jier Huang,
Xiaozhe Wang



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1786 9.0 Investigating Wind Speed-Dependent Models for Electric Power Transmission Lines
Surya Naga Krishna Jagarlapudi, Valentina Cecchi
2015 9.0 A Measurement System for Electric Car Charging Stations Utilising a FPGA Board for Flexibility in Configuration
Ivan Stoychev, Jan-Christoph Tebbe, Jürgen Oehm
1783 9.8 Towards Detection and Control of Hopf Bifurcation in Electric Power System
Xiaozhe Wang
1514 9.7 System-Level Exploration of Hierarchical Storage Organizations for Embedded Data-Intensive Applications
Florin Balasa, Hongwei Zhu
2196 9.4 On Tunable Switch-Mode Reactive Networks: a Gyrator-Based Resonator Emulation
Mohamed Saad, Núria Egidos, Elisenda Bou-Balust, Eduard Alarcón
2263 9.9 Design Procedure for Wireless Power Transfer System with Inductive Coupling-Coil Optimizations Using PSO
Takumi Noda, Tomoharu Nagashima, Xiuqin Wei, Marian Kazimierczuk, H...
1062 9.5 Energy Harvesting Using Symmetrical Electrostatic Generators
Antonio Carlos M. de Queiroz
1381 9.5 A 96.7% Efficient Boost Converter with a Stand-by Current of 420nA for Energy Harvesting Applications
Daniel Schillinger, Yuanda Hu, Mohammad Amayreh, Christian Moranz, ...
1893 7.0 Dual Band Wireless Power and Bi-Directional Data Link for Implanted Devices in 65 nm CMOS
Vamsi Talla, Vaishnavi Ranganathan, Brody Mahoney, Joshua Smith