PECAS II Session
Session Type: Poster
Session Code: B3P-U
Location: Salle de bal est
Date & Time: Tuesday May 24, 2016 (14:30 - 16:00)
Chair: Herbert Ho Ching Iu,
Ke-Horng Chen



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1295 9.3 A More Accurate Steady State Analysis of Zero-Voltage Switching Quasi-Resonant Converters
Lisong Li, Yuan Gao, Philip Mok
1823 9.3 Mixed-Signal PI Controller in Current-Mode DC-DC Buck Converter for Automotive Applications
Yasser Moursy, Raouf Khalil, Sergio Lecce, Vanni Poletto, Ramy Iska...
1132 9.0 A High Efficiency Single-Inductor Dual-Output Buck Converter with Adaptive Freewheel Current and Hybrid Mode Control
Jing Xu, Zhaoyang Weng, Hanjun Jiang, Chun Zhang, Zhihua Wang, Qing...
2044 9.1 A Low-Cost Multi-Phase 3A Buck Converter with Improved Ripple Cancellation for Wide Supply Range
Hafeez KT, Ashudeb Dutta, Shiv Govind Singh, Krishna Kanth Gowri Av...
1747 9.2 Inductive Power Transfer System with a Rotary Transformer for Contactless Energy Transfer on Rotating Applications
Stefan Ditze, Achim Endruschat, Thomas Schriefer, Andreas Rosskopf,...
1976 9.1 Dynamic Model of on-Chip Inverting Capacitive Charge Pumps with Charge Reusing
Esteban Ferro, Victor Manuel Brea, Paula López, Diego Cabello
2110 9.1 A 360 V High Voltage Reconfigurable Charge Pump in 0.8 µm CMOS for Optical MEMS Applications
Philippe-Olivier Beaulieu, Abdul Hafiz Alameh, Michael Menard, Fréd...
1872 12.12 SRAM Voltage Stacking
Elnaz Ebrahimi, Rafael Trapani Possignolo, Jose Renau
1174 9.6 Converter Design for Fuel Cells Enhanced with Cooperation of Lithium Batteries and Supercapacitors
Shyh-Jier Huang, Pin-Yuan Wen, Te-Chun Hung, Yu-Ren Lin
1263 9.0 Multivariable DG Impedance Modeling for the Microgrid Stability Assessment
Maher A. Azzouz, Ehab F. El Saadany