Analog I Session
Session Type: Poster
Session Code: A3P-P
Location: Salle de bal est
Date & Time: Monday May 23, 2016 (14:30 - 16:00)
Chair: Igor Filanovsky



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1458 1.1 A 1.2-V 43.2-µW Three-Stage Amplifier with Cascode Miller-Compensation and Q-Reduction for Driving Large Capacitive Load
Qi Cheng, Hong Zhang, Lizhong Xue, Jianping Guo
1541 1.1 A Wide Dynamic Range Low Power 2× Time Amplifier Using Current Subtraction Scheme
Hasan Molaei, Ata Khorami, Khosro Hajsadeghi
1611 1.1 A Generic Model for Constructing Three-Stage Amplifiers
Min Tan, Wing-Hung Ki
2212 1.1 An Investigation of THD of a BTL Class D Amplifier
Tong Ge, Huiqiao He, Jia Zhou, Yang Kang, Joseph Sylvester Chang
1048 1.9 Using "Reconciliation" Model for Calculation of Harmonics in a MOS Transistor Stage Operating in Moderate Inversion
Igor Filanovsky, Luis Bica Oliveira
1159 1.10 Frequency-Encoded Integrators Applied to Filtering and Sigma-Delta Modulation
Luis Hernandez, Eric Gutierrez, Fernando Cardes
1442 1.5 A Power-Scalable Zero-Crossing-Based Amplifier Using Inverter-Based Zero-Crossing Detector with CMFB
Junya Matsuno, Daisuke Kurose, Tomohiko Sugimoto, Hirotomo Ishii, M...
2055 1.0 Low-Power Analog Lock-in Amplifier for High-Resolution Portable Sensing Systems
Paulina Mariana Maya-Hernández, María Teresa Sanz-Pascual, Belén Ca...
1143 1.7 Enhancing the Performance of Output-Capacitorless LDO Regulators by Pass-Transistor Segmentation
Vahideh Shirmohammadli, Alireza Saberkari, Herminio Martínez-García...
1671 1.7 3.7µW 0.8V VCO-Integrator-Based High-Efficiency Capacitor-Free Low-Dropout Voltage Regulator
Zhongjie Dai, Sanket Gupta, Sarthak Kalani, Peter R. Kinget
1832 1.7 A 1-V PTAT Current Reference Circuit with 0.05%/V Current Sensitivity to VDD
Jorge De la Cruz, Andre Aita
1912 1.7 A High Wide Band PSRR and Fast Start-Up Current Mode Bandgap Reference in 130nm CMOS Technology
Amr I. Kamel, Ahmed Saad, Seng Siong Lee
2272 1.7 A Nano-Ampere 2nd Order Temperature-Compensated CMOS Current Reference Using Only Single Resistor for Wide-Temperature Range Applications
Taewook Kim, Troy Briant, Changsok Han, Nima Maghari
1365 1.7 A 200ns Settling Time Fully Integrated Low Power LDO Regulator with Comparators as Transient Enhancement
Mohammad Amayreh, Joachim Leicht, Yiannos Manoli