Programmable Arrays Session
Session Type: Lecture
Session Code: B4L-C
Location: Salon Drummond ouest
Date & Time: Tuesday May 24, 2016 (16:00 - 17:30)
Chair: Kwen-Siong Chong,
Ricardo Reis


    Papers are listed in the order they will be presented.

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1097 12.5 A 101.4 GOPS/W Reconfigurable and Scalable Control-Centric Embedded Processor for Domain-Specific Applications
Ning Ma, Zhuo Zou, Zhonghai Lu, Lirong Zheng, Yuxiang Huan, Stefan ...
2139 12.1 SVA Checker Generator for FPGA-Based Verification Platform
Nurita Mohamad, Chia Yee Ooi, Nordinah Ismail, Jwing Teh
1414 12.5 A Practical Design Method for Prototyping Self-Timed Processors Using FPGAs
Mickael Fiorentino, Yvon Savaria, Claude Thibeault, Pascal Gervais
1933 12.0 An Efficient FPGA-Based Database Processor for Fast Database Analytics
Xuan-Thuan Nguyen, Hong-Thu Nguyen, Trong-Thuc Hoang, Katsumi Inoue...
1887 12.1 High Performance Low Overhead Template-Based Cell-Interleave Pipeline (TCIP) for Asynchronous-Logic QDI Circuits
Weng-Geng Ho, Nan Liu, Kyaw Zwa Lwin Ne, Kwen-Siong Chong, Bah-Hwee...