Memristor Circuits Session
Session Type: Lecture
Session Code: C2L-K
Location: Salon Joyce
Date & Time: Wednesday May 25, 2016 (13:00 - 14:30)
Chair: Shyh-Jye Jerry Jou,
Mohammed Ismail


    Papers are listed in the order they will be presented.

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1439 6.6 Partition SRAM and RRAM Based Synaptic Arrays for Neuro-Inspired Computing
Pai-Yu Chen, Shimeng Yu
2192 6.6 Demonstration of Spike Timing Dependent Plasticity in CBRAM Devices with Silicon Neurons
Debayan Mahalanabis, Mahraj Sivaraj, Wenhao Chen, Sahil Shah, Hugh ...
1641 6.6 Real-Time Decoding of Brain Activity by Embedded Spiking Neural Networks Using OxRAM Synapses
Thilo Werner, Daniele Garbin, Elisa Vianello, Olivier Bichler, Dani...
1545 6.6 Practical Operation Considerations for Memristive Integrating Sensors
Isha Gupta, Alexantrou Serb, Ali Khiat, Themistoklis Prodromakis
1700 6.6 Design of a Reliable RRAM-Based PUF for Compact Hardware Security Primitives*
Ayush Shrivastava, Pai-Yu Chen, Yu Cao, Shimeng Yu, Chaitali Chakra...