Demos II Session
Session Type: Poster
Session Code: B3P-O
Location: Salle de bal est
Date & Time: Tuesday May 24, 2016 (14:30 - 16:00)
Chair: Philipp Häfliger,
Kea-Tiong Samuel Tang



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1104 15.0 Live Demonstration: High-Level Optimization of Sigma-Delta Modulators Using Multi-Objetive Evolutionary Algorithms
Manuel Velasco-Jiménez, Rafael Castro-López, Jose M de la Rosa
1508 15.0 Live Demonstration of DLD-VISU: an Elearning Platform for Digital Logic Design
Abdulhadi Shoufan
2417 15.0 SoC FPAA IC, PCB, and Tool Demonstration
Sihwan Kim, Farhan Adil, Scott Koziol, Stephen Nease, Michelle Coll...
2418 15.0 Demonstration of a Remote FPAA System for Research and Education
Sahil Shah, Jennifer Hasler, Sihwan Kim, Ishan Lal, Matt Kagle, Mic...
2419 15.0 Live Demonstration: FPAA Demonstration Controlled Through Android-Based Device
Benjamin Bolte, Sahil Shah, Sihwan Kim, Philip Hwang, Jennifer Hasl...
1431 15.0 Live Demonstration: Characterization of RRAM Crossbar Arrays at a Click of a Button
Radu Berdan, Alexantrou Serb, Ali Khiat, Christos Papavassiliou, Th...
1812 15.0 Live Demonstrator: Challenging the Bio-Inspired Artificial Pancreas with a Mixed-Meal Model Library
Pau Herrero, Mohamed El-Sharkawy, Peter Pesl, Bernard Hernández, Lo...
1418 15.0 Live Demonstration: Retinal Ganglion Cell Software and FPGA Implementation for Object Detection and Tracking
Diederik Paul Moeys, Tobias Delbrück, Antonio Rios-Navarro, Alejand...