Communications II Session
Session Type: Lecture
Session Code: A2L-L
Location: Salon Kafka-Lamartine
Date & Time: Monday May 23, 2016 (13:00 - 14:30)
Chair: Ji-Hoon Kim,
Xinmiao Zhang


    Papers are listed in the order they will be presented.

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2004 3.8 Pipelined Belief Propagation Polar Decoders
Junmei Yang, Chuan Zhang, Huayi Zhou, Xiaohu You
1298 3.8 A Scalable 3-Phase Polar Decoder
Bertrand Le Gal, Camille Leroux, Christophe Jego
1311 3.8 Stage-Combined Belief Propagation Decoding of Polar Codes
Jin Sha, Jun Lin, Zhongfeng Wang
1495 3.8 Construction of Parallelized-Decoding LDPC Codes
Tsung-Che Wu, Chang-Ming Lee, Cheng-Kuei Wang
2152 3.8 Low-Complexity Turbo Product Code for High-Speed Fiber-Optic Systems Based on Expurgated BCH Codes
Franco Paludi, Damian A. Morero, Teodoro Goette, Matias Schnidrig, ...