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Paper Title: SystemC AMS Based Frameworks for Virtual Prototyping of Heterogeneous Systems 
Student Contest: No 
Affiliation Type: Academia & Industry 
Keywords: SystemC, SystemC AMS, Heterogeneous Modeling, Verification 
Abstract: This paper presents the past, present, and perspectives of the SystemC AMS standard as well as several commercial and academic frameworks gravitating around it that have been used to develop use cases in various cyber physical domains. After an overview of the standard, two frameworks are described: the COSIDE environment that supports the virtual prototyping of embedded HW/SW systems and its interaction with AMS circuits. Second, the SICYPHOS framework that integrates SystemC AMS into the overall system development ecosystem. By an example we give details how SystemC AMS can be coupled with other simulation tools (OpenModelica) while keeping simulation speed and accuracy high. Another example shows how SystemC AMS can be used as foundation technology to create specialized user-defined models of computation (MoC). 
Track ID: 14.6 
Track Name: EDA methodologies for mixed-signal circuits and heterogeneous systems 
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Final Decision: Accept as Lecture 
Session Name: EDA Methodologies for Mixed-signal Circuits & Heterogeneous Systems (Lecture) 
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EDA Methodologies