Circuits & Systems for Fully Programmable Metamaterials Session
Session Type: Lecture
Session Code: C6L-C
Session Theme: 
Location: VV.2.2
Date & Time: Wednesday May 30, 2018 (16:30 - 18:00)
Chair: Julius Georgiou,
Eduard Alarcon


    Papers are listed in the order they will be presented.

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2679 14.8 An Optically-Programmable Absorbing Metasurface
Kypros Kossifos, Marco Antoniades, Julius Georgiou, Ayoub Jaafar, Neil Kemp
2661 14.8 Phase-Change Metasurfaces for Dyamic Beam Steering and Beam Shaping in the Infrared
Carlota Ruiz de Galarreta, Arseny Alexeev, Jacopo Bertolotti, David Wright
2699 14.8 Millimeter-Wave Propagation Within a Computer Chip Package
Xavier Timoneda, Sergi Abadal, Albert Cabellos-Aparicio, Dionysios Manessis, Jin Zhou, Antonio Franques, Josep Torrel...
2717 14.8 Programmable Metasurfaces: State of the Art and Prospects
Fu Liu, Alexandros Pitilakis, Mohammad Mirmoosa, Odysseas Tsilipakos, Xuchen Wang, Anna Tasolamprou, Sergi Abadal, Al...
2674 14.8 Asynchronous Circuits As an Enabler of Scalable and Programmable Metasurfaces
Loukas Petrou, Petros Karousios, Julius Georgiou