SPECIAL SESSION: Towards Large-Scale Quantum Computers Session
Session Type: Lecture
Session Code: B5L-C
Session Theme: Sustainable Computing & Systems {SCS)
Location: Room3
Date & Time: Tuesday May 28, 2019 (14:50 - 16:40)
Chair: Fabio Sebastiano,
Andrei Vladimirescu


Papers are listed in the order they will be presented.

2230 14.9 Semiconductor Spin Qubits – a Scalable Platform for Quantum Computing?
Hendrik Bluhm, Lars Schreiber
2134 14.9 Benefits and Challenges of Designing Cryogenic CMOS RF Circuits for Quantum Computers
Mohammadreza Mehrpoo, Bishnu Patra, Jiang Gong, Pascal ’t Hart, Jeroen van Dijk, Harald Homulle, Gerd Kiene, Andrei...
2142 14.9 Systems Engineering of Cryogenic CMOS Electronics for Scalable Quantum Computers
Carsten Degenhardt, Anton Artanov, Lotte Geck, Christian Grewing, Andre Kruth, Dennis Nielinger, Patrick Vliex, Andre...
2186 14.9 Cryogenic Support Circuits and Systems for Silicon Quantum Computers
Torsten Lehmann
2246 14.9 Quantum Accelerated Computer Architectures
Leon Riesebos, Xiang Fu, Ahmed Moueddenne, Lingling Lao, Savvas Varsamopoulos, Imran Ashraf, Hans van Someren, Nader ...
2213 14.9 Reducing the Overhead of Mapping Quantum Circuits to IBM Q System
Atsushi Matsuo, Wakakii Hattori, Shigeru Yamashita