Nanophotonics/Microoptics 2 Session
Session Type: Lecture
Session Code: C1L-E
Location: Room E
Date & Time: Wednesday April 20, 2016 (09:30 - 10:55)
Chair: Kazuhiro Hane


    Papers are listed in the order they will be presented.

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1121 12 Nano-Electromechanically Tunable Plasmonic Resonator
Junichi Takahara, Masashi Miyata, Hiroshi Kaijima
1130 12 Light-Induced Polymer Movement for Nano Imaging
Hidekazu Ishitobi
1349 12 Nano/Micro Three-Dimensional Printing and Ceramic Molding Processes
Shoji Maruo
1161 1 Combination of LPCVD and PECVD SiC in Fabricating Evanescent Waveguides
Yu Xin, Gregory Pandraud, Lukasz Pakula, Bruno Morana, Paddy French