Poster Session
Session Type: Poster
Session Code: B4P-C
Location: Foyer OR Ambassadeur A
Date & Time: Tuesday June 26, 2018 (14:50 - 15:20)
Chair: Ahmed Lakhssassi,
Yvon Savaria



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2008 4 Data-Transition Decision Feedback Equalizer with S^3-LMS Adaptation Algorithm
Yue Li, Fei Yuan
2010 5 Improved Energy Efficiency of Indoor Positioning Systems by Adaptive Sampling and Smart Post-Processing of Sensor Data
Nizam Kuxdorf-Alkirata, Oliver Spathmann, Oliver Koch, Dieter Brückmann
2022 4 HPQ: a High Capacity Hybrid Priority Queue Architecture for High-Speed Network Switches
Imad Benacer, François-Raymond Boyer, Yvon Savaria
2024 2 Suboptimal Class DE Operation for Ultrasound Transducer Arrays
Carlos Christoffersen, Thinh Ngo, Ruiqi Song, Yushi Zhou, Samuel Pichardo, Laura Curiel
2046 4 Implementation of a Chaotic True Random Number Generator Based on Fuzzy Modeling
Thi Thu Ngoc Nguyen, Georges Kaddoum, Francois Gagnon
2053 3 A New Technique Using Tunnel Shape Information to Improve Path Search in Detailed Routing
Stèphano Gonçalves, Leomar Soares Da Rosa Junior, Felipe de S. Marques
2078 3 A Model-Based Approach for the Design of Ultra-Low Power Wireless Sensor Nodes
Oussama Brini, Dominic Deslandes, Frederic Nabki
2085 10 A Scalable Architecture for Multi Millions Frames Per Second CMOS Sensor with Digital Storage
Wilfried Uhring, Laurent Millet, Bertrand Misischi, Fatah Rarbi, Fabrice Guellec, Daniel Dzahini, Octavian Maciu, Jea...
2096 1 An Accuracy-Area Tradeoff for Mixed-Signal Computation in Programmable Smart Image Sensors
Juliette Le Hir, Filipe Vinci Dos Santos, Anthony Kolar
2097 10 A Photovoltaic Mode Pixel Embedding Energy Harvesting Capability for Future Self-Powered Image Sensors
Amaury Nogier, Gilles Sicard, Arnaud Peizerat
2128 2 Using the Characteristic Value of the Body Channel for Encryption of Body Area Networks
Junchao Wang, Kaining Han, Anastasios Alexandridis, Zeljko Zilic, Tong Bai, Jinzhao Lin, Yu Pang, Guoquan Li
2133 2 Beamforming for Powerline Interference in Large Sensor Arrays
Manouane Caza-Szoka, Daniel Massicotte, François Nougarou
2134 1 A Pipelined Speed Enhancement Technique for CDAC-Threshold Configuring SAR ADC
Mustafa Kilic, Yusuf Leblebici
2144 4 Template Attacks of a Masked S-Box Circuit: a Comparison Between Static and Dynamic Power Analyses
Jiming Xu, Howard Heys
2152 3 Area-Aware Design of Static CMOS Complex Gates
Maicon S. Cardoso, Gustavo H. Smaniotto, Andrei A.O. Bubolz, Leomar Soares Da Rosa Junior, Felipe de S. Marques
2153 2 Evaluation of a Wearable and Wireless Human-Computer Interface Combining Head Motion and sEMG for People with Upper-Body Disabilities
Cheikh Latyr Fall, Alexandre Campeau-Lecours, Clément Gosselin, Benoit Gosselin
2162 10 A Blood Glucose Level Prediction System Using Machine Learning Based on Recurrent Neural Network for Hypoglycemia Prevention
Takuyoshi Doike, Kenya Hayashi, Shigeki Arata, Karim Nissar Mohammad, Atsuki Kobayashi, Kiichi Niitsu
2165 3 Feasible Assignment of Micro-Bumps in 3D ICs
Jin-Tai Yan, Chia-Heng Yen
2170 2 Non-Linear Sequential SVM Classifier of Epileptic Seizures
Mohamed Egila, Elie Bou Assi, Mohamad Sawan