Time-domain Analog-to-Digital Conversion Session
Session Type: Lecture
Session Code: B3L-A
Location: Ambassadeur B
Date & Time: Tuesday June 26, 2018 (13:15 - 14:30)
Chair: Luc Hebrard,
Mohamad Sawan


    Papers are listed in the order they will be presented.

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2007 1 A 16-Bit Audio Continuous-Time Sigma-Delta Modulator Using VCO-Based Quantizer
Anthony Baltolu, Dominique Dallet, Frederic Chalet, Xavier Albinet, Jean-Baptiste Begueret
2009 1 Power-Silicon Efficient All-Digital ΔΣ TDC with Differential Gated Delay Line Time Integrator
Parth Parekh, Fei Yuan
2042 1 VCO-Based ADC with Digital Background Calibration in 65nm CMOS
Sulin Li, Jiangping Gong, John McNeill
2130 1 A 500 pW 16 KHz Injection Locked Oscillator for Ultra-Low Power Time-Domain ADC Application
Nicolas Goux, Elisa Dina, Franck Badets