Emerging Sensor Applications Session
Session Type: Poster
Session Code: B2P-M
Location: Hall 5
Date & Time: Tuesday October 31, 2017 (13:30 - 15:30)
Chair: Robert Roberts,
Srinjoy Mitra


1605 10 Elastic Instability Induced Mechano-Responsive Luminescence for Super-Flexible Strain Sensing
Cong Wang, Ding Wang, Valery Kozhevnikov, Ben Xu, Yifan Li
1632 10 Floor Sensors of Animal Weight and Gait for Precision Livestock Farming
John Vaughan, Peter Michael Green, Michael Salter, Bruce Grieve, Krikor Ozanyan
1730 10 Human and Object Recognition with a High-Resolution Tactile Sensor
Juan Manuel Gandarias, Jesús Manuel Gómez-De-Gabriel, Alfonso García-Cerezo
1803 10 Analytical Development of a 4-Axis Magnetic Multimedia Control Element
Anna Ermakova, Dietmar Spitzer, Michael Ortner
1010 10 Optical Sensor with Coaxial Arranged Receiving Fibers to Measure Blade Tip Timings on Axial Compressors
Rocco Reinhardt, Daniel Lancelle, Olaf Magnor, Olaf Hagendorf, Peter Duenow
1047 10 Portable, in-Field, Multispectral Imaging Sensor for Real-Time Detection of Insect Viral-Vectors
Bruce Grieve, Charles Veys, Jose Dingle, John Colvin, Joachim Nwezeobi
1053 10 Unsupervised Learning for Spectral Data Analysis As a Novel Sensor for Identifying Rodent Infestation in Urban Environments
Omar Costilla-Reyes, Zachary Coldrick, Bruce Grieve
1080 10 A Joint Reflectometry-Optimization Algorithm for Mapping the Topology of an Unknown Wire Network
Moussa Kafal, Jaume Benoit, Christophe Layer
1167 10 Unified Sensor Based Classificaiton Model Across Form Factors
Xiaodong Cai, Ke Han, Lu Wang, Lili Ma
1183 10 A Visible Light-Based System for Automotive Relative Positioning
Bastien Béchadergue, Luc Chassagne, Hongyu Guan
1238 10 An Ultra-Low-Cost Active Multispectral Crop Diagnostics Device
Charles Veys, James Hibbert, Phillip Davis, Bruce Grieve
1285 10 Design, Simulation and Fabrication Strategies for Printed Out-of-Plane Thermoelectric Devices
Aniello Falco, Paolo Lugli, Florin Cristian Loghin, Almudena Rivadeneyra
1384 10 3D Image Reconstruction on a Miniature Planar EIT Sensor Using Sparsity with Median Filter
Xipeng Yin, Yunjie Yang, Jiabin Jia, Chao Tan
1457 10 Postural Sway Based Geriatric Fall Risk Assessment Using Kinect
Oishee Mazumder, Soumya Tripathy, Sangheeta Roy, Kingshuk Chakravarty, Debatri Chatterjee, Aniruddha Sinha
1476 10 Collaborative Location Estimation for Confined Spaces Using Magnetic Field and Inverse Beacon Positioning
Mathangi Sridharan, John Bigham, Chris Phillips, Eliane Bodanese
1646 10 Pedestrian Inertial Navigation with Building Floor Plans for Indoor Environments via Non-Recursive Bayesian Filtering
Muhammed Koroglu, Alper Yilmaz
1649 10 Error Model of Misalignment Error in a Radial 3D Scanner
Neha Mathur, Rahul Summan, Gordon Dobie, Graeme West, Stephen Marshall
1687 10 ELENA: a Low-Cost Portable Electronic Nose for Alcohol Characterization
Subadra Murugan, Neel Gala
1750 10 Fast Classification of Non-Magnetic Metal Targets Using Eddy-Current Based Impedance Spectroscopy
Michael O'Toole, Noushin Karimian, Anthony Peyton
1752 10 Detecting Defects in Sub-Skin-Depth Metallic Layers by a Thermo-Elastic Sensor
Shant Arakelyan, Hanju Lee, Kie-jin Lee, Shant Arakelyan, Arsen Babajanyan, Barry Friedman
1774 10 Wireless Power Transfer for ECG Monitoring in Freely-Swimming Zebrafish
Silviu Gruber, Daniel Schossow, Chia Yi Lin, Chuek Hei Ho, Cristine Jeong, Tuen Lung Lau, Hung Cao, Jingchun Yang, Xi...
1820 10 Evaluation of Supervised Classification Algorithms for Human Activity Recognition with Inertial Sensors
Tahmina Zebin, Patricia J Scully, Krikor Ozanyan
1872 10 Robust Tracking of Periodic Motion in the Plane Using Inertial Sensor Data
Kjartan Halvorsen, Fredrik Olsson
1899 10 Speed Estimation Based on Gait Analysis for Biobotic Agents
Jeremy Cole, Talha Agcayazi, Tahmid Latif, Alper Bozkurt, Edgar Lobaton
1975 10 Towards an Optimized Tetrapolar Electrical Impedance Lithium Detection Probe for Bipolar Disorder: a Simulation Study
Loukas Constantinou, Panayiotis Kyriacou, Iasonas Triantis
1989 10 Piezoelectric Material Based Technique for Concurrent Force Sensing and Energy Harvesting for Interactive Displays
Shuo Gao, Chun-Yen Huang, Linxiao Wu
1058 10 Communicating with Unmanned Aerial Swarms Using Automatic Dependent Surveillance Transponders
Sreeja Nag, Jaewoo Jung, Karishma Inamdar
1249 10 Active Millimeter-Wave Radar for Sensing and Imaging Through Dressing Materials
Amani Owda, Neil Salmon, David Andrews, Nacer Ddine Rezgui
1487 10 Electromagnetic Tensor Spectroscopy for Sorting of Shredded Metallic Scrap
Noushin Karimian, Michael O'Toole, Anthony Peyton
1585 10 LIDAR Design for Road Condition Measurement Ahead of a Moving Vehicle
Marta Ruiz-Llata, Mónica Rodríguez-Cortina, Pedro Martín-Mateos, Oscar Elías Bonilla-Manrique, José Ramón López-Ferná...
1683 10 Crocodile-Inspired Dome Shaped Sensors for Underwater Object Detection
Elgar Kanhere, Nan Wang, Ajay Giri Prakash Kottapalli, Vignesh Subramaniam, Jianmin Miao, Michael Triantafyllou
1777 10 Impact of Multi-Day Field Calibration of Novel Cosmic-Ray Soil Moisture Sensors
Zijun Xie, Rafael Rosolem
1857 10 Wearable Sensors for Head Impact Dosimetry
John Ralston, Wendy Meiring, Matthew Cieslak, Alex Asturias, Scott Grafton
1827 10 A Stitched Textile-Based Capacitive Respiration Sensor
Talha Agcayazi, Murat Yokus, Max Gordon, Tushar Ghosh, Alper Bozkurt
1113 8 Vacuum Packaging and Semipassive Chips for Wireless Temperature Monitoring in Industrial Applications
María Tijero, Xabier Eguiluz, Jorge Elizalde, Victor Diez, Aitor Arriola, Iñigo Aranburu, Ander Zarketa, Manex Martin...
1317 13 Low-Cost Millimeter-Wave Radio-Frequency Sensors: New Applications Enabled by Developments in Low Cost Chipsets
Chris Roff, James Henderson, Damien Clarke, Marcus Walden, Steve Fitz
1329 13 Adaptive Visible Light Communication LED Receiver
Shuai Li, Ashish Pandharipande, Frans Willems
1788 8 A Dished Diaphragm for the Miniature Encapsulation of a Pressure Sensor for in-Vivo Applications
Henning Ebert, Gerald Urban
1917 13 Harsh Environment Piezoresistive Pressure Sensors
Jose Alfaro, Gertjan van Sprakelaar, Justin Gaynor
1948 13 Evaluation of an Indirect Slag Level Measurement for Liquid Steel
Dominik Holzmann, Thomas Arnold
1961 8 Invesitagtion of Housing on Packaged MEMS Wind Sensors for Industrial Application
Zhenxiang Yi, Li-Feng Wang, Zhen Zhu, Qing-An Huang