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Lecture Sessions
Tuesday October 31, 2017 (15:15-17:20)

SiC Inverters/Converters  Chair: None

GaN Technology, Device Optimization and Reliability  Chair: None

Design and Optimization  Chair: None

Wednesday November 01, 2017 (10:00-11:40)

GaN Inverters/Converters  Chair: None

SiC Device / Process Optimization  Chair: None

GaN Characterization  Chair: None

Wednesday November 01, 2017 (13:00-14:40)

Gate Drivers / Overcurrent Protection  Chair: None

SiC Characterization  Chair: None

Wide Bandgap Packaging and Assembly  Chair: None

Wednesday November 01, 2017 (15:00-16:40)

RF / Wireless Power  Chair: None

SiC Reliability  Chair: None

Wide Bandgap Circuit/Assembly Interaction  Chair: None

Poster Sessions
Tuesday October 31, 2017 (18:00-21:00)

Poster Sessions  Chair: None